Two-Shot Mold Making

Our Engineers Fabricate Two-Shot Molds with CNC Machines

Two-shot mold manufacturingTwo-shot molding, or double injection, is a simple mold manufacturing process for intricate parts. Unlike overmolding, it does not use an already existing part. It creates one integrated part from two different plastic materials. The first material is injected into a mold that is rotated or moved to create a cavity. The second material is injected into the cavity through a different nozzle. This process creates both mechanical and chemical bonds between the two materials using only one mold. Although it seems complex, two-shot molding is excellent for creating complex multi-color, multi-material parts for a lower cost. Our high-quality mold-making capabilities at Mantz Automation allow us to create the fastest & most efficient mold for any industry. 

Two-Shot injection molds are widely used in the following manufacturing industries:

Mantz Automation designs and manufactures molds for global Two-Shot projects. Our CNC machine technicians will execute any design to optimize the functionality of your finished product. Contact us today to discuss your project's needs.

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Benefits of double injection molding

Two-Shot injection molding has many advantages, including:

  • High quality plastic part fabrication – Lower tolerances, high accuracy, repeatability, and reduced scrap rates are possible through the use of a single tool.
  • Low production cost – Costs in development, engineering, and validation are greatly reduced due to fewer components required in a finished assembly, reducing cost and waste from assembly defects.
  • Improved Efficiency – The ability to use a single tool to mold multiple components reduces the amount of labor needed & eliminates the need for welding/joining components after the molding process.
  • Improved part integrity – A remarkably strong bond is created, resulting in a product that lasts longer and is more reliable.
  • Multi-material efficiency – Allows for the combination of both hard and soft polymers for even the smallest of units.
  • Complex moldings – Double injection molding allows more complex mold designs through the use of multiple materials for functionality & effective bonding that can't be done through other molding processes.

Mantz Automation can help you expand your manufacturing capabilities and prowess by assisting you to design, build, and implement double injection molding to your manufacturing line. We have the technology and expertise to enable you to produce better products at a lower cost. 

Our full mold making capabilities include:


Metal Mold Making Materials

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Global Injection Mold Designer and Builder

Two-Shot molding is an efficient and effective molding process, but it's only as good as the design and quality of the mold you're using. Ensuring the mold is made precise and to specifications is critical.

Already have the 3D model for the mold's design? Mantz Automation can build it to specs. Don't have a mold design yet? Mantz Automation doesn't just build molds – we design them too. Our technicians create models and molds that are precise and exact, leaving you worry-free about design defects that would otherwise halt efficient manufacturing. Even a single flaw in the molding process could compromise the end product. Trust Mantz Automation's expert design team to ensure you get exactly what you need to complete your project correctly & on time.

Our full range of services include:

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