Mantz Automation Manufacturers Injection Molds Using Overmolding Techniques

Choosing a Company to Design & Build Your Mold

The overmolding process is only as good as the mold you are using. That's why it is so important to make sure the mold itself is made right.

If your company already has a 3D model for the design of your mold, we can build it, based on your specifications. But if you don't have a design yet, rest assured: we don't just build molds – we design them too. Our specialists will create a rigorously exact model and build a mold that's just as precise, so you can use it for efficient manufacturing without worrying about design flaws. Injection Mold Making using Overmolding Process

We believe in the importance of getting projects done right the first time. A single flaw could compromise the whole design of your overmolding injection mold, so our expert design team will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Advantages of Overmolding

Overmolding is a remarkable process because of its significant benefits:

  • Lower manufacturing costs – Because overmolding combines different materials into a single part, it removes the need to bond two separate parts, which would otherwise add an additional step. More steps usually mean more costs.
  • Increased design options  The overmolding process can help manufacturers incorporate the advantages of multiple materials without them having to be separate parts with joints or bonds that are more vulnerable to wear and tear.
  • Product stability & durability  Because the materials are combined into one part, the product is stronger and more reliable.

Any machine or technology that enables manufacturers to produce better products and lower their costs is an exciting advancement. That's exactly what overmolding is. If you're looking to expand your manufacturing capabilities to implement overmolding, Mantz Automation can help.

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What Is Overmolding?

Overmolding is an ideal molding technique for a variety of applications, including technology or automotive accessory production. It combines two or more different materials for a single part. The first material, called the substrate, is combined with a second overmold material that is mixed with fillers. The fillers can add color, texture, strength, or other qualities. The liquid overmold material can be injected onto, into, or around the substrate, where it will solidify. Common overmolding materials are plastics or metals. The specific options are almost endless, limited only by the materials’ compatibility.

Overmolding injection molds are good for:

Mantz Automation designs and manufactures molds for global overmold projects. Our CNC machine technicians will execute any design to optimize the functionality of your finished product. Contact us today to discuss your project's needs.

Our engineers have experience with the following molding processes:

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 We can craft molds from the following materials:


Metal Mold Making Materials

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Our full range of services include:

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