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Insert Mold Making for Injection Molding Manufacturers

Insert Mold Design and Building On a Global Scale

The insert injection molding process is only as effective and efficient as the design and quality of the mold you're using. YInsert Mold Maker for Injection Moldingou can trust Mantz Automation to create an insert mold that is precise and to your required specifications.

If you already have the 3D models for your mold's design, we can build it to exact specifications. Mantz Automation doesn't just build molds – we design them too. If you need a mold designed, our specialists will design models and molds that are exact, precise, and defect-free. 

Any flaw in your insert mold could compromise the molding process, affecting the quality of the end product. Trust Mantz Automation's expert design team to ensure you get exactly what you need to complete your project correctly & on time.

What Is Insert Molding?

Insert injection mold making requires extreme precision. The process involves placing a premade metal insert into or onto a mold. The material of choice, any type of plastic, is slowly molded over the top. Threaded inserts assist the plastic’s adhesion. The insert remains fixed as part of the finished product. A few examples of products made using this technique are metal knives or screws. Insert molding can improve a part's durability and reduce cost and production time. 

Insert molds are widely used in manufacturing industries including:

The experts at Mantz employ advanced molding techniques to create the best insert mold every time. We’ll work with you throughout the design & engineering process to convert your CAD design into the most efficient insert mold for your company. 

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Advantages of Insert Injection Molding 

Insert injection molding is advantageous in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reduced Part Weight – There is increased demand across industries to fabricate parts in plastic instead of metal to reduce weight, production costs, and corrosion. Insert molding allows the ired retention of essential metals while replacing other non-essential pieces with plastic.
  • Cost-Effective – Required post-molding assembly with multiple metal elements is reduced, which is a costly process. Installing these components separately adds increased production time, need additional labor and equipment, and adds motion waste. Insert molding eliminates those related costs.
  • Improved strength & structure – Enables integration of features into the plastic part to increase durability, strength, and reliability.
  • Enhanced design flexibility – Product design capabilities are heightened by integrating features not possible with only plastic, such as metal.

Mantz Automation has the technology, skills, and knowledge needed to expand your manufacturing capabilities. Mantz Automation's design, building, and implementation of insert injection molding will allow you to produce better products more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We will work with your engineers to determine which material is best suited for your mold.


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