Injection Mold Making Processes

Types of Injection Molds We Can Do

Our mold manufacturing machinery enables us to design & engineer any type of mold. Whether you need molds for an automotive OEM, a tech company or anything in between, we’re your one-stop-shop for all injection mold production.

There are countless plastic mold making processes. Whether you have your own design, or you need design guidance from the experts, Mantz Automation can help you every step of the way.

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We commonly work with these types of molding processes:


Our full range of services include:

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Flawless Execution for Your Project

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Plastic Injection Mold Design

Mold Design

Plastic & Metal Mold Making Processes

Mold Making Processes

Injection Mold Tool & Die Making Materials

Mold Making Materials

Flawless Execution for Your Project

We’re proud of our plastic injection mold making services. How we conduct business sets us apart. To most companies you’re number punched into a computer. You mean more than that to Mantz Automation. Your company’s success is our success. We take the time to understand your project as thoroughly as possible so we can provide the best service every time. Contact Mantz Automation for an elite partner in plastic mold production.

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Plastic & Metal Injecting Mold Prototype Making


Short Run Injection Mold Making

Short Run Production

Injection Mold Making Services

Additional Services