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Custom molds for your project from a world-renowned mold maker

Mantz Automation manufactures mold, dies and tooling for manufacturing companies in any industry. Bring us your 3D CAD design model & we’ll create a fully functional plastic injection mold designed specifically for your application.

Why choose Mantz?

For most companies, you are just a number punched into a computer. You’re more than that to Mantz Automation. Your company’s success is our success. We take the extra time needed to learn about your company and end product. We find the right material to use for your mold tooling and run multiple test batches in-house until flawless execution is obtained. Other tooling companies send their molds to third party companies for test-runs. Not Mantz. We have Injection Molding Machines at our facility and the materials to test any plastic you need. We can even manufacturer limited quantities of your end product. 

The highest quality mold manufacturing for OEMs

Our expertly trained mold makers employ 5-axis CNC machining and other advanced machining techniques for short-run & low volume production, prototyping & all molding processes necessary to flawlessly execute your project. Mold & Die Fabricating - Plastic injection mold tooling

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Our full range of services include:

No matter what tooling your company requires, we’re the plastic mold supplier you need for demanding precision mold production anywhere in the world.


Our engineers fabricate molds & dies out of a variety of materials depending on how long your production run will be. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs. Find out more about each plastic material and metal alloy below.



Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Mantz Automation to request assistance with determining your best option for injection mold production.