Injection Mold Repair

Mold & Die Repair Services

Maximize profits with top rated mold repair company

If you choose the wrong company to fix a broken mold, you could be out of production for far too long. At Mantz Automation, we understand that every moment you need to wait for repairs is profit out the window. That’s why we provide the fastest turnaround times to get your mold better than its original condition. We are the die manufacturers who go above and beyond to ensure smooth and efficient production. 

We repair production molds, including:

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Our specialty CNC machining experts will repair your mold in the shortest possible turnaround time to prevent any future issues. 

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Mantz doesn't cut corners when it comes to customer service and high quality finished products. We understand that your company is more than just another customer. That's why our entire production infrastructure is streamlined to save you time and money without sacrificing quality. At Mantz, we will work with your company from the first design to shipping the final product. 

Our full range of services includes:Injection Mold & Die Repair

Every mold we manufacture undergoes multiple quality checks, inspection and in-house testing. Our employees are ready to help you build the mold you need for your industry. We've worked with manufacturers in the following industries:

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Mold & Die Materials

Mantz Automation can manufacture molds from a variety of plastic and metal materials. We account for usage, production run time and other factors to make the best use of your time and money. Contact our mold specialists to see which materials will work best for your manufacturing goals. 


Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Mantz Automation to request assistance with determining your best option for injection mold production.

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