Mold & die manufacturers for injection molding production

Mold & Die Manufacturers for Injection Molding Production

Mantz Automation uses top-of-the-line CNC machines to design precision molds, dies and tooling for manufacturers around the world. Our expert engineers fabricate molds using 5-axis and EDM machining to accurately build the smallest of molds. Our experienced CNC operators are the reason why manufacturers and engineers trust us to make the perfect mold.

Mold/die making refers to the manufacturing of plastic and metal molds used in injection molding processes to mass-produce parts, pieces, or goods. Our engineers will choose the correct material for the mold based on its intended application. Plastic molds are commonly used with softer materials and for short production runs. Metal molds made out of iron, aluminum and other alloys have the durability to last for long product runs. 

All of our molds are custom-made due to each mold being intricately designed to precise dimensions for the end product. A die is a specialized tool used to cut or shape materials, typically using a press. Many dies are machined so precisely that they have a tolerance of less than one-thousandth of an inch. Our 5-axis machine cuts across X, Y and Z axes along with rotating on the A and B axes. 5-axis CNC machining enables us to do the most complicated mold designs for our clients.

Our full range of mold making services include:

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Why Manufacturers Choose Mantz

We take the extra time needed to make sure your finished product is exactly what you need. Other companies are more interested in checking you off their to-do list, so they can quickly move on to the next job. That's not how we do it. We take the time to get to know your company and goals. We will never provide a mold that doesn't exceed our own high standards. Each mold goes through multiple rounds of quality checks. We clean, inspect and test every product to make sure your production goes smoothly. We've been making molds for 30 years. We know quality. 

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Our full mold making capabilities include:


Mold & Die Materials

Mantz Automation can craft molds out of a variety of materials depending on how long your production run will be. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs. Find out more about each plastic material and metal alloy below.


Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Mantz Automation to request assistance with determining your best option for injection mold production.

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