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Injection Mold Making Test Run Sampling

All Our Molds Go through In-House Test-Runs and TryoutsInjection mold test run & tryout service

Our engineers manufacture molds & dies for companies all over the world. In order to maintain our international success, we set high standards for every plastic injection mold produced. We don’t rush production to quickly move on to the next client. Mantz Automation CNC specialists test-run each mold for flawless execution of the end product. Only after perfect tryout runs do we send out our finished molds. 

Most companies will outsource their product testing if they even choose to test it at all. This takes extra time & costs you money. We test our molds right in our Wisconsin facility, so we’re able to ship you the final product as fast as possible. Wasting time is wasting money.

Our molds and dies are engineered using 5-axis CNC machines and Wire EDM cutting machines that allow extreme precision with measurements. Our operators can design the smallest, most intricate molds along with large and complicated shapes too. 

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Our current test-run sampling equipment consists of:

One 200-ton Haitian with RJG One 24 zone Gamma Flux hot runner controller Two resin dryers
One 500-ton Haitian with RJG and robot One 12 zone DME hot runner controller State of the art water system
Two 1000-ton Haitian with RJG and robots One two-zone DME controller Many size and style knock out rods
One RGJ Edart Most styles of hot runner cables Various valve gate hookups and hydraulic connectors


All our molds are tested until flawless execution. Our full range of molding abilities includes:


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Mantz Automation can build and test molds from multiple materials in order to find one that works for your IMM production needs. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. We also run an injection molding test using these materials. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs or to inquire about a plastic or metal alloy not pictured below.


Plastic Mold Making Materials


Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find the material you’re looking for? Contact Mantz Automation today to see if we can build the mold or die you need.

We've worked with manufacturers in the following industries:

The specialty CNC machining experts at Mantz Automation care about the quality and durability of the mold you receive because your company’s success is our success. Contact Mantz Automation today to work out the project details and schedule an injection molding test run.

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