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We'll Design, Build and Test Your Custom Precision Mold

Mantz Automation CNC engineers molds, dies and tooling for Injection Molding Machines (IMM). Our specialists start by designing your mold in a CAD file. You can also come to us with a predesigned mold and we'll turn it into a CAD file that our CNC machines can read. The next step is using our 5-axis and EDM machines to manufacturer a prototype of your mold to test the durability of the material.

Then we fabricate the final molding tool and run a test batch using your desired end product material. Once our experts have achieved flawless execution of the end product, we send the mold tooling to you. We can also re-engineer broken mold tooling if your project requires an exact replica. If your mold tooling is old and wearing down resulting in less-than-perfect batches, send us your existing tooling and our engineers can repair and refurbish your mold for a lower price than building an entirely new one.

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Molds for All ManufacturersMold & Die Manufacturing for IMM

Our engineers have build custom molds for injection molding used in all kinds of industries. From automobiles to food containers to electronics, we can craft the most intricate molds with extremely precise measurements. Don't waste budget by working with a company that doesn't specialize in mold tooling and won't bother to test-run their molds. Contact Mantz Automation today to start designing a mold for your next manufacturing project.

Mantz Automation works with manufacturers worldwide and commonly works with these industries:


Why Manufacturers Choose Mantz

We take the extra time needed to make sure your finished product is exactly what you need. Other companies are more interested in checking you off their list and moving on to the next job. That's not how we do it at Mantz. We take the time to get to know your company and goals. We will never provide a mold that doesn't exceed our own high standards. Each mold goes through multiple rounds of quality checks. We clean, inspect and test every mold to make sure your production goes smoothly. We've been making molds for 30 years. We know quality. 

Our mold making capabilities include:


Mold & Die Materials

Mantz Automation can craft molds out of a variety of materials depending on how long your production run will be. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs. Find out more about each plastic material and metal alloy below.


Plastic Mold Making Materials



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