CNC Machining Jobs & Employment

CNC Machining Careers

Be a part of our unique solution for CNC Machining projectsCNC machining, plastic injection mold making jobs & employment

We have the perfect opportunity for both experienced machining specialists and people new to the field. Our extensive training program will cover everything you need to know to excel in your career.

The best candidate to join our CNC machining team is someone with a craftsman’s eye and a willingness to learn. We’re a certified minority & woman owned business that provides ample opportunity for its employees. We offer vacation time, benefits & training or apprentice programs for everyone who works at Mantz Automation.

We’re always accepting applications for:

  • Plastic injection mold makers
  • CNC mold makers
  • CNC tool makers
  • And more!

Apply for a position today

If you have a good work ethic & positive attitude, contact Mantz Automation to fill out an application today!