MoldMAX® Metal Alloy Molding & Tooling

MoldMAX Metal Alloy Molding Service

MoldMAX® is a brand name for specialty metal and plastic alloys used in injection molding. MoldMAX® is specifically designed to shorten cycle time and improve parts quality for the injection molding industry by providing high thermal conductivity compared to other materials. MoldMAX® offers a range of products made from various materials including copper, iron, nickel, silicon, aluminum, and tin. MoldMAX's main advantage is its high heat conductivity compared to steel brands such as P20 and H13. Using MoldMAX® will generate substantial cost savings when used with injection molds that cannot be sufficiently cooled using normal molding techniques and materials.

Advantages of MoldMAX®

  • High mold productivity via reduced cycle time
  • Heat transfer rate 3 - 4 times faster than steel products
  • Flexible - can hold nickel, chromium and ceramic coatings like TiN
  • Can be polished for a mirror finish
  • Can be welded

Disadvantages of MoldMAX®

  • Not suitable for poor part design that is difficult to cool efficiently
  • Requires more mold maintenance than steel products
  • Over time the surface can lose its shine and corrode thus needing additional time for cleaning procedures

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The exact  MoldMAX® material you require depends on your application of the metal. Our expert metal molding technicians can help determine if MoldMAX® alloys will work for your intended processes. Mantz Automation’s mold specialists create MoldMAX® molds for a variety of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy Conservation
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil / Petro
  • Medical
  • Firefighting
  • And more

The experts at Mantz Automation, Inc. create MoldMAX® Metal molds to match your exact specifications and exceed your expectations. Through our specialty CNC machining, we offer domestic and international companies cost-effective production on custom projects.

Different mold making styles for every project

Typical applications for MoldMAX® alloy molds include extrusion tooling, die inserts, bolsters, mandrels, forging dies, die casting dies and more. We’re able to create molds to your exact specifications through:

Although the material cost is higher than steel, when used for specific applications, MoldMAX® can increase productivity while maintaining a high level of quality. 

We design injection molds for a variety of plastic materials including ABS Plastic, Polyethylene, PVC Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polymer, Resin and Nylon. We make our molds from various metal materials including H-13 Steel, S-7 Steel, P-20 Steel, Aluminum, AMPCO™, and Cast Iron.

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