Custom Polycarbonate Mold Design

Advanced Techniques for Precision Manufactured Molds

Polycarbonate is an extremely tough material that is great for molding into durable parts that will last for years. With a mold from Mantz Automation, your part will come out meeting your exact specifications. Our mold makers are experienced in creating molds for long-run mass-produced parts, as well as short-run prototypes for industries and uses including:

  • Electronics components
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Bottles and food containers
  • Eyewear, glasses and sunglasses
  • Cell Phones and electronics

Our Polycarbonate Mold Making Capabilities

We use cutting edge techniques and equipment to create molds that will meet your standards and exceed expectations in terms of quality. Using 4-axis and 5-axis machining we create molds for many applications including:

Our main focus at Mantz Automation is to provide custom high-quality molds that exceed expectations, but we don’t believe our responsibility ends there. We also work hard to provide the shortest possible turnaround times and we are always investing in new technology and training to stay on the leading edge of a constantly changing industry.

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