Injection Mold Making Materials

Tool & Die Materials

The biggest selection for metal & plastic mold making materials gives you options

The quality of the product depends on the quality of its production - and Mantz Automation is capable of utilizing a huge variety of metals & plastics to perfectly execute your project. Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to convert any CAD design into the most efficient & cost effective custom mold.

Don’t have a design yet? That’s okay. Our mold designers will work with you to create the best product, whether you’re looking for metal or plastic.

Plastic Mold Making Materials

Our molds are commonly used for these plastic molding materials:

Visit our page for plastic mold materials for more plastic options.

Metal Mold Making Materials

We make our molds from the following metal materials:

Contact Mantz Automation for an even more extensive list of custom injection mold materials.