Molding Techniques and Materials for Packaging

Plastic packaging can range from thin wall containers and bottle caps to rigid bulk packaging. Whether you need custom packaging designed for a new product or are looking to improve efficiency and save on cost, Mantz Automation has the capabilities, materials and experience to make the mold you need. Our Plastic Injection Molding processes and advanced CNC Machining systems enable us to make molds that perform at prices that cannot be beat.

Types of Moldsthin wall plastic injection molding

From thin containers to heavy-duty crates, we can employ a variety of molding techniques to help you accomplish any task, including:

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Types of Metals Used

variety of metals can be used in making molds for the packaging industry:

Metal Mold Making Materials

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Custom Molding for Packaging

Our engineers can help design a custom packaging solution for your needs. We ensure superior precision in our molds by using 5-axis and EDM machining technology, which means your final product will do its job without waste. Starting with our specialty prototypes and moving all the way through final testing, we perform every step of the process in-house to cut down on waste, shorten the timeline, and improve your bottom line.

Mantz Automation molds profitable partnerships with companies worldwide. Our full-service capabilities extend throughout the United States, including:

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