Mold Makers for the Extrusion Industry

Reliability is critical for metal fabrication equipment. If a part breaks, production stutters and profits plummet. Metal fabrication machines are only as good as their parts, and those parts are only as good as the mold that made them. That's where Mantz Automation comes in.

Mantz Automation produces durable, high-production molds for the metal fabrication industry.  Our CNC machining capabilities include 5-axis technology that enables us to produce more accurate and complex molds than any competitor. Mantz Automation molds will improve your plastic injection molding production process and work reliably for your entire production run.

Types of Molds5-Axis, CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication Injection Molding

We can design and engineer any type of mold and optimize the material and design to the length of your production run. We can create many types of molds for different metal fabrication purposes, including:

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Types of Metals Used

variety of metals can be used for the extrusion industry, depending on the mold being manufactured:

Metal Mold Making Materials

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Custom Molding for Metal Fabricators

We maximize precision by using 5-axis and EDM machining technology, and we can make specialty prototypes to ensure your mold performs exactly as you expect. We test every mold in-house to confirm its quality, so you don't waste time and money sending it to a third-party testing facility. We even have the ability to help you design the right mold for your specific purpose.

Mantz Automation molds profitable partnerships with companies worldwide and throughout the United States, including:

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