Mold Makers for the Electronic Parts Industry

Creating advanced electronics requires precision components. Computers, tablets, televisions and other household and industrial electronics are only as reliable as their weakest parts. Our CNC Machining process enables us to make complex molds with greater accuracy than any of our competitors. Every part made in our plastic injection molds will turn out identical and every mold will be optimized to speed up your production process without sacrificing quality. Throughout the entire process, Mantz will work with your company to optimize your product and process. Whatever you manufacture you won't build it better than you will with Mantz. 

Types of Molds

The complexity of 5-Axis, CNC Machining, Electronics Injection Moldingelectronics means a single product will often have multiple processes involved in molding its plastic components. We have the ability to design and engineer any type of mold for your part, using any number of processes: 

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Types of Metals Used

variety of metals can be used in the electronics industry, depending on the mold being manufactured:

Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at our metal mold making materials and let Mantz take care of your project. Contact Mantz Automation for top-rated injection mold production.

Custom Molding for the Electronics Industry

We maximize precision by using 5-axis and EDM machining technology, and can make specialty prototypes to ensure your mold performs the way you expect. We test every mold in-house to confirm its quality and to save you time and money. We even have the ability to custom design the right mold for your specific purpose.

Mantz Automation molds profitable partnerships with companies worldwide. Our full-service capabilities extend throughout the United States, including:

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