Molding and Materials Common in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry produces aircraft, rockets, and military weapons systems that all require precisely engineered, durable parts that must meet exacting specifications. Whether for Plastic Injection Molding or Metal Injection Molding, our CNC Machining process creates flawless molds that meet these specifications and produce precision components time after time.

Types of Molds5-Axis, CNC Machining, Aerospace Injection Molding

We can design and engineer any type of mold to ensure your products all conform to the same high quality standards. There are many different mold-making processes, each of which is suited to a different task. Many have applications in the aerospace industry. Our recommendations include:


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Types of Plastics Used

The type of plastic selected varies, depending upon the purpose and specifications of the mold, but certain plastics tend to be used more often for aerospace applications. They are:


Types of Metals Used

variety of metals can be used for aerospace technology, depending on the mold being manufactured:

Metal Mold Making Materials

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at our metal mold making materials and let Mantz take care of your project. Contact Mantz Automation for top-rated injection mold production.

Custom Molding for the Aerospace Industry

We maximize precision by using 5-axis and EDM machining technology and can make specialty prototypes to make sure your mold performs the way you expect. We test every mold to verify its quality. We do everything in-house to save you time and money. We cam even help you design the right mold for your specific purpose.

Mantz Automation forms profitable partnerships with companies worldwide. Our full-service capabilities extend throughout the United States, including:

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