About Mantz Automation Mold Making Company

Injection Mold Making for any Industry


We use high quality CNC machines to provide injection molds for intricate aerospace parts.


We partner with OEMs to supply injection molds needed for automotive assembly work.

Building materials

We provide the tools you need to produce high quality building supplies anywhere worldwide.


Not only do we create injection molds for chemical manufacturers, but we also offer mold repairs with a fast turnaround rate without sacrificing quality.

Construction equipment

Our CNC machining specialists build molds that you can feel safe building your own construction materials with.


No matter the kind of technology you build, trust Mantz Automation to make a mold suitable for your specific function.


We keep your injection mold making cost within budget so you can maximize your own profits.


We produce molds made for various plastic molding processes to best equip any healthcare facility.

Luxury goods

If your manufacturing machines have been in business forever, Mantz Automation will refurbish or rebuild your outdated injection molds.


No matter what kind of metal you work with, we provide injection mold services from the initial mold design to production, and any service in between.


Choose from various tool & die materials for your pharmaceutical manufacturing production.


We produce molds for various plastic molding processes that work with any packaging application.

Contact Mantz Automation for more information on any injection mold services for your industries, anywhere worldwide.