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Mantz Automation’s mold makers use specialty machining and decades of experience to provide South Carolina with perfectly-crafted injection molds. Since 1989, our family-owned American company has worked across South Carolina to help businesses grow — from CAD design and brainstorming to project completion, Mantz will help grow your business.

We are located in southeastern Wisconsin, but our unrivaled mold making capabilities are global - and we are equipped to mold profitable partnerships with companies located in South Carolina.

Plastic injection mold making materials

No matter the design, Mantz has the perfect plastic injection mold making materials for your injection mold design.  

ABS Plastic Injection Mold Maker Company
ABS Plastic
Polyethylene Plastic Injection Mold Maker Company
PVC Plastic Injection Mold Making Company
Polycarbonate Plastic Injection Mold Making Company
Polystyrene Plastic Mold Making Company
Polypropylene Plastic Mold Making Company
Polymer Plastic Mold Making Company
Resin Plastic Mold Maker Company
Nylon Plastic Mold Making Company

Metal injection mold making materials

From H-13 to S-7 steel, our mold makers use the highest-quality metal mold making materials for your injection molding.

H-13 Steel
H-13 Steel
S-7 Steel
S-7 Steel
P20 Steel
P20 Steel

True full-service mold making capabilities for companies in major industries

For almost 3 decades, Mantz Automation has worked with businesses around the world to provide the nation’s best injection molds. Through the years, we’ve formed lasting partnerships in global industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Biotechnology
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Mantz Automation mold maker process & mold types

From mold design and 3D CAD models to assembly, every service is tailored to meet your exact specifications. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a 100% personalized experience, resulting in the perfect injection mold for your business.

Types of molds available

Our mold makers are experts in two-shot molding, high pressure molding and more.

Our mold maker services

Mantz Automation offers mold making services to match every need with professional, timely results. No matter the state of your mold, our post-assembly services guarantee success time and time again:  
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