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Mantz Automation’s mold makers combine precision CNC machining and decades of experience to help bring your project to life. Our family-owned company is located in Wisconsin but services businesses across the country, including the state of Alabama, providing perfectly-crafted custom injection molds to match your needs. From CAD design to project completion, you’re more than just a client — you’re a partner.

We are located in southeastern Wisconsin, but our unrivaled mold making capabilities are global - and we are equipped to mold profitable partnerships with Alabama businesses.

Plastic injection mold making materials

Our plastic mold makers offer a range of plastic mold making materials, from PVC to nylon: 

ABS Plastic Injection Mold Maker Company
ABS Plastic
Polyethylene Plastic Injection Mold Maker Company
PVC Plastic Injection Mold Making Company
Polycarbonate Plastic Injection Molding Company
Polystyrene Plastic Injection Molding Company
Polypropylene Plastic Injection Molding Company
Polymer Plastic Injection Molding Company
Resin Plastic Injection Molding Company
Nylon Plastic Injection Molding Company

Metal injection mold making materials

From H-13 and S-7 Steel, our mold making company has you covered with capabilities for many metal mold making materials

Aluminum Metal Injection Mold Maker Alabama
H-13 Steel
H-13 Steel
S-7 Steel
S-7 Steel
P20 Steel
P20 Steel

Mold makers for all Alabama industries

Our metal & plastic injection molding company uses the latest technology to help your business grow. Mantz has lasting partnerships in all Alabama industries, including:

  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Maritime
  • Agricultural Products & Food Production
  • Automotive Applications
  • Research & Development
  • Distribution & Logistics
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Our injection molding process

Our mold makers and CAD designers tailor each mold making experience to match your needs. We’ll work with you to brainstorm, design and complete each project to your specifications, providing you the best custom molding solution for your company.

Types of injection molds available

Mantz employs expert mold makers for two shot molding, overmolding & more:

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From inception to completion, Mantz works to perfect your custom injection mold one step at a time. Our staff of industry experts collaborates to guarantee success on each service, including:  

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