EDM Machining technology at Mantz Automation

EDM Machining for Mold Tooling and Die Fabricating

EDM Machining for Mold & Die Fabrication

High-precision EDM Machining for Molds and Dies

Unlike CNC machining, which uses a cutting tool to remove metal material, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) directs high-frequency electrical sparks from an electrode to vaporize electrically conductive metals. The type of EDM is known as sinker EDM, or die sink EDM. There is also Wire EDM and hole drilling EDM.

EDM is widely used in mold and die making because it works so well on hard materials like titanium, enables more complex shapes and designs than mechanical cutting machines can produce and doesn’t put any mechanical force into the workpiece. The surface quality of finished molds also tends to be of higher quality with EDM than with mechanical cutting technologies.

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Our full mold making capabilities include:


Benefits of EDM mold making with Mantz

At Mantz, our goal is simple: create the best mold in the most reasonable amount of time within your budget. We only use the best EDM and CNC machines for our mold making, and we have decades of experience producing high precision molds for a wide range of industries.

We've worked with manufacturers in the following industries:

To ensure our work meets every expectation, we have a meticulous process management system in place. Every mold design file is double checked at every step through both the design and manufacturing process. We respect our clients’ concerns over releasing proprietary designs to an outside provider, and guarantee total confidentiality.

With precision machining capabilities, fast turnaround, and cost-effective pricing, Mantz Automation is your best choice for precision EDM work for mold making.

Our full range of services include:


Mantz Automation can craft molds out of a variety of materials depending on how long your production run will be. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs. Find out more about each plastic material and metal alloy below.





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