CNC Machining

5-Axis Machining

The most cost efficient CNC process for mold making

Mantz Automation uses simultaneous 5-axis machining for the most cost effective mold production. We machine complex shapes in one run to maximize your budget & increase productivity.

Short lead times mean higher profits

It’s not enough for a mold making company to provide a quality CNC machined product. You should expect them to complete the project without sacrificing any quality. At Mantz, our goal is simple: Create the best mold in the most reasonable amount of time within your budget.

Our 5-Axis machines allow us to do just that. Because we can complete such intricate shapes in one setup, we’ll complete your mold in half the time it would take to finish using 3-axis & 2-axis machines.

We currently can support a 86" X 140" X 55" tall work envelope on our 5 axis machines.

Contact Mantz Automation for the most efficient machining capabilities.

Flawless Execution for Your Project

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Flawless Execution for Your Project

We’re proud of our plastic injection mold making services. How we conduct business sets us apart. To most companies you’re number punched into a computer. You mean more than that to Mantz Automation. Your company’s success is our success. We take the time to understand your project as thoroughly as possible so we can provide the best service every time. Contact Mantz Automation for an elite partner in plastic mold production.

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