Injection Mold CNC Machining Services

Specialty CNC Machining

Cost-effective production requires complex machining capabilitiesCNC Machining

High quality mold making capabilities start with the equipment available to create your product. You cannot optimize your process if you don’t have the best tools to do so. Mantz Automation's world-class machining facility boasts an arsenal of specialized equipment with unique machining capabilities.

Our shop operates with our clients’ needs first. With a wide variety of metal materials & plastic materials for custom projects, we produce the best mold making equipment for any industry. We have the capabilities to produce molds needed for manufacturers of equipment for medical, automotive, aerospace and more. We provide global mold distribution anywhere from our Wisconsin CNC manufacturing location.

Efficient processing, accurate execution.

The CNC machining capabilities we provide include:

With clean cuts & efficient turnaround time, you can trust Mantz for the best quality mold on the market. Because of our proven success & countless tool & die materials, you’ll get the perfect product every time.  

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