Injection Mold CNC Machining Services

Custom CNC Machining Capabilities for Mold and Die Manufacturing

Complex mold production requires precision machining capabilities5-axis CNC machining equipment at Mantz Automation

It takes high-precision equipment to make complex molds and dies. Mantz Automation's world-class machining facility is equipped with an arsenal of specialized machining equipment enabling us to machine precision molds for both metal materials and plastic materials.

Our CNC machining capabilities include:

Making high-quality molds requires more than sophisticated machinery, though. It requires proven engineering and problem-solving skills. Mantz Automation has built a global client roster on the strength of our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We work with automotive, appliance, aerospace, packaging and medical OEM manufacturers worldwide. 

A client-centric approach sets Mantz Automation apart

When you partner with Mantz Automation, you can count on being treated as if you were our only client. To ensure our work meets your every expectation, we have a meticulous process management system and multiple safeguards in place. Every mold design file is double-checked throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. We understand your concerns in releasing proprietary designs to an outside provider, and you can count on complete confidentiality from us.

With our precision machining capabilities, fast turnaround, and best price policy, Mantz Automation is your best choice for precision CNC machining, tool and die production, and mold making.

We've worked with manufacturers in the following industries:

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Our full range of mold making and repair services include:

We can make a variety of molds including:

Mantz Automation can craft molds out of a variety of materials depending on how long your production run will be. A longer production run will require a metal mold to ensure durability while a short run may suffice with a strong plastic mold. Contact our mold specialists to find out which material will be best for your manufacturing needs. Find out more about each plastic material and metal alloy below.


Metal Mold Making Materials

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