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Mantz Automation MOLDS profitable partnerships with companies worldwide: from Fortune 400 multinational powerhouses to specialized domestic manufacturers in automotive, packaging, medical, cosmetic, and many other industries. All done from our world-class facility in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Certified WBEN - Women's Business Enterprise MBE Certified - Minority Business Enterprise ISO Certified - International Organization for Standardization
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Flawless Execution for Your Project

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Mold Making Processes

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Flawless Execution for Your Project

We’re proud of our plastic injection mold making services. How we conduct business sets us apart. To most companies you’re number punched into a computer. You mean more than that to Mantz Automation. Your company’s success is our success. We take the time to understand your project as thoroughly as possible so we can provide the best service every time. Contact Mantz Automation for an elite partner in plastic mold production.

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Short Run Injection Mold Making

Short Run Production

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Perfectly Crafted Custom Plastic Injection Molds

We use advanced specialty CNC machines to perfect all of our projects. Bring in your completed CAD design or contact our designers to get the process started. With an extensive list of mold making materials, from various metals to polymer or PVC, we have the capabilities to create the perfect mold for any industry. No matter where you are in the process, we’ll work with you every step of the way to create the best tooling for your project.

Injection Molding Capabilities

Specialty Machining At our World-Class Facility

Our 5-star rated injection mold making facility in Wisconsin utilizes only the best quality CNC specialty machining techniques. From overmolding to high pressure molding, our equipment produces the results you’re looking for every time. Settling for a cheaper company that uses lower quality machines only causes more problems. Get the best deal on the highest quality services at Mantz Automation.

Machining Capabilities

Our Successful Team Helps Us Grow

At Mantz Automation, we care about our employees just as we would our own family members. We’re a family owned and operated company servicing OEMs from the USA to Asia and everywhere between. That work requires a talented team of people, and we have them. Our continued success means we’re constantly growing. If you’re passionate about learning & have a craftsman’s eye, join the Mantz family today. 

Certified WBEN - Women's Business Enterprise MBE Certified - Minority Business Enterprise ISO Certified - International Organization for Standardization
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Why Manufacturers Choose MantzWhy Mantz

We consider ourselves the biggest small business you will work with. Our values inspire a business etiquette other global tool & die companies lack. They’re more interested in checking you off their list as fast as possible to move on to the next job. Your product suffers. Your business suffers.

Not at Mantz Automation. We know you came to us for the best product. That’s what we’re here to give you. We take the time to get to know you & your company’s mission. The better we understand your company’s needs, the more accurately we execute your manufacturing project. We will never provide a product that doesn’t exceed our own high standards. Before you receive your mold, we take the time to clean, inspect & test every product. Our elite project management & engineering teams offer unique solutions to unique problems. 

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